LATINO FORUM September Meeting Notes

 Latino Forum
Meeting Notes

University of New Orleans


183 Milneburg Hall

2000 Lakeshore Drive, NOLA 70148

September 13, 2013


I. Introductions

  • Thank you to UNO Chart for hosting the August meeting and the wonderful continental breakfast and parking passes.  For more information on UNO-CHART visit
  • Student manual at 4th grade reading level.  Great for kids to use as they can motivate their parents since the kids are the English speakers
  • The management aspect from FEMA … needs to be more taught and more organizations need to be at the table.  Need to have the info prior to the hurricane season on June 1st
  • 2011 was first manual at 6th grade
  • 2013 was second manual at 3rd grade…ESL friendly…wording is less dense….more graphics and less cartoonish…always want to consider respecting the readers since this is for adults….included emergency radio station…all of these changes came from the classroom….realizing that this is also a great tool outside of the classroom into the community….
  • Considering translating it in Spanish, but only helpful if training a group of people to go into the community to train in Spanish….need to have this mechanism in place or it will not work….it is very useful as is in English for ABE and ESL adult learners
  • Environmental Safety needs to be included….for the workers…home owners….maybe create on flashcards in Spanish
  • Tool kit CD….overview of evacuation process….brings together many resources into one place…considering putting it on the web site….goal is to make it streamline…great for ABE providers to use in the classroom…include a link onto the Boggs Center and Literacy Alliance of GNO websites…include it on a thumbdrive….youtube videos….
  • This month will focus a testing a lesson or two….
  • NOATV great to partner with for the third piece which will be all visual…..suggest meeting with City of New Orleans Dr. DeSalvo….and FEMA….
  • Entergy has it on their website….
  • Daesy will follow up with Dr. DeSalvo and Karla will follow up with NOATV
  • Getting requests from 40 – 400 and intent is to print 800 total….a great tool to use at Health Fairs….
  • Would like to have the lessons used in all schools in Louisiana

II. Updates     

Tulane Children’s Health Project:  Couple of medical residents that are bilingual working in Kenner and added a new doctor, of Puerto Rican background….the Kenner site is huge and hoping to have the clinic moved to a building Kenner will be purchasing….Pediatric Services with Tulane…have a bilingual therapist to work with mental health….for more info contact: Carlos A. Naranjo/ Case Manager / Tulane Children’s Health Project / 504-858-0155

LFCL & OportunidadesNOLA’s Annual Fall Fundraising:  has been rescheduled to November 24, 2013 from 6pm to 10pm.  The Fall Fundraising Fiesta at Casa Borrega will provide an authentic Latin American style dinner buffet and a cash bar.  We are excited to announce that Los Po-Boy-Citos will provide the music for this evening! Tickets are $30 and on sale at Or come by our new office to purchase a ticket – 215 N. Jefferson Davis Parkway.  We’ll hope you’ll join us at one or both September events!  Keep checking here on our website and on our Facebook page for more details on our upcoming fundraisers  – please come out to support our organization!  We would like to thank Entergy and the offices of Braden, Gonzalez & Associates for helping sponsor our Fall Fundraising Fiesta. Our programs would not be possible without organizations and businesses like yours!  If you would like to help support us, contact us at  Also, you can support us online at our fundraiser! Our financial need is continuous and every donation helps us prepare for an upcoming trimester. If you’d like to help us, we have established an online fundraising platform on Please click on the link below to donate. We thank you for your help!  Oportunidades NOLA has merged with Latino Farmer’s Coop and located at 215 N. Jeff Davis…ESL classes on the
second floor…begin Monday Sept. 16th and will be registering for the next two weeks….

Verbo Christina Church: will have two health fairs in October with free flu shots and doctors consults as well blood pressure close testing. In Kenner the fair is on October 12th from 9a – 3p at 2601 Florida Ave. Family and kid oriented and also with short educational sessions about affordable care act and other health related topics. Free lunch to anyone who attends.  In New Orleans and close to you it will be on October 26th with same services, but no educational sessions. We will also have a food pantry and clothes for giving away. Free good lunch with carne asada too. We invite the neighborhood to stop in even if it’s just to eat. That fair is at Fire House Full gospel church on Scott street. A block from Tulane and two blocks from Carrollton.

Next Meeting:  Friday, October 11, 2013 at 9:00 am – 10:30 am.  Location TBA