Presentation: U.S. Census by Jarwanda Harris, Partnership Specialist – Louisiana

Latino Forum
November 2019 Meeting Notes

Presentation: U.S. Census 2020 by Jarwanda Harris, Partnership Specialist-Louisiana

  • Build relationship with the community to increase the education around the US Census and how it impacts each community and to motivate to fill out the Census
  • City of NOLA has their CCC (Complete Count Committee) because in 2010 NOLA had a 45% response and we lost a congressional seat
  • US Census governs political power and government funding
  • Each state receives share of funding based an population size and then funds municipalities based
  • Impacts medical, roads, schools, various re-development
  • Low response areas:
  • Children under 5 is impacted the most because from 1-10 will benefit with medical, head start, kindergarten are funded based on the population accounted for, so it is important to include this community
  • Aging and Disabilities
  • Veterans
  • Homeless
  • Immigrants, Refugees, and Non-English speaking communities
  • Challenge is getting individuals you serve that fall under this demographic, that fear answering the Census, so partnering with other organizations to share that the information collected from the US Census is confidential
  • Information not released for 72 years to ensure confidentiality
  • What is shared 1 year after is the data and statistics and use this to identify categories (age, language, etc.)
  • Everyone uses the Census for data
  • Falls under Dept. of Commerce
  • Each person counted gets a set dollar amount for 10 years for services
  • There ACS (American Community Survey) is sent out annually to get some ideas of increase or decrease in those areas
  • Parishes have % rates of responses, anything over 70% is a high response rate, and anything below 70% is low response rate
  • George in Baton Rouge to become a city was made possible after Census 2010 numbers because all those river communities had a low response rate so when redistrict, Senator gained a larger area
  • Goal is to gain the congressional seat to have representation in DC to advocate for Louisiana
  • Two barriers: Non English speaking, non Citizens responding the US Census
  • Funding that governs those services get cut when have low response rates
  • Method to respond to the US Census will be a phone-line and online process
  • US Census Day is April 1st2020
  • Guidance is who will be living at your house on April 1stand include all individuals that are residing in your home, if those living in your household are having difficulties, they will be counted if they respond so that community will receive funding for resources
  • First Phase: Postcard will be mailed out the 2ndweek of March with a code (which identifies your address) and 1-800 # for households to respond and a website and will have up to the first week of April
  • Second Phase: Will send an additional card with the code and 1-800.State government, post office is where got the addresses that a home is at that location
  • Last Phase: Will be those knocking on doors, neighbors to help identify members, ending it in June.
  • Heavily recruiting in LA, encourage people to apply online and for Group Quarters – individuals living in institutions, prisons, foster care, homeless, where groups are living
  • Can work anywhere from 20-40 hours weekly and projected to end in summer 2020… based on their availability…US Census request at least 4 hours per week… basic requirement is 18 years with transportation… a preliminary background and then send it to the local offices to move forward with fingerprinting.
  • Rates are determined by Parish…Orleans and JP is $20 and BR is $18 and pay .58 cents per mile. Timesheets turned in on Saturday and get paid on Wednesday.  Depending on your bank.  Some rates are premium, which means get their pay rate plus additional pay.  Does not affect those receiving benefits.
  • TTY for the non-hearing and hearing impaired
  • Don’t have that guidance yet on the postcards on how to address the Non-Native English speakers, so at this time asking partners to make this a speaking point so the community knows that a postcard will be coming with a code and 1-800 #
  • Phone line will have 23 different language prompts
  • Texas and Georgia gained congressional seats, active engagement and education on US Census impacts the community
  • Unfortunately the folks in detention centers will be counted in the parishes where they are being held
  • ROAM allows you to see response and demographic rates down to a zip code, down to a street
  • November will begin school and statistics drive in the schools and how US Census impacts schools, funding, number of students in the classrooms,
  • 6 million children yearly requested services that were not counted in the US Census 2010 so funding was not allocated for them

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