Children’s Hospital: NO HIT ZONE



Children’s Hospital Introduces No Hit Zones

To address the most prevalent risk factor of child physical abuse, corporal punishment, the Audrey Hepburn Children at Risk Evaluation (CARE) Center and the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center (NOCAC) are introducing No Hit Zones at Children’s Hospital and its clinics.

Throughout Children’s Hospital and its clinics across the state, No Hit Zone signs will be posted illustrating the well-established harmful effects of corporal punishment and promoting effective painless parenting techniques. Children’s Hospital staff will be trained to give parents resources for effective guidance and explain the harms of physical discipline in a non-shaming or blaming fashion. The CARE Center also provides opportunities for pediatricians, pediatrics residents and community members to practice communicating the negative effects of physical discipline.

Check out Children’s Hospital Small World spotlight publication .

Why a No Hit Zone? Flyer and policy explaining the importance of No Hit Zones for pediatricians and staff.

No Hit Zone Flyer 


What are effective painless parenting alternatives? Effective parenting materials by developmental stages.



School Age 


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National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day #NLAAD2018

Latino man standing next to a wall

October 15

The 2018 NLAAD theme is “Ending HIV is everyone’s job.”

The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) , the Hispanic Federation and other organizations organize this day to build capacity for non-profit organizations and health departments to reach Latino/Hispanic communities, promote HIV testing, and provide HIV prevention information and access to care.

Event Planning Guide      Social Media Kit

Awareness Days Calendar Card (PDF 1.39 MB)


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La Voz de la Comunidad Coalition meeting, September 26th

This is a reminder of our monthly La Voz de la Comunidad Coalition meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th at 9:00 AM.

Our meeting will be held at the Boy Scouts of America Building, 2nd Floor Large Conference Room, 4200 S I-10 Service Road W, Metairie, LA 70001

Parking is available in the parking lot adjacent to the building. Please mind any reserved parking spots.

We look forward to your attendance at the LA Voz Coalition meeting next week and updating all of you on recent activities.

We are truly thankful for each and every one of you and all the work that you do.
~La Voz de la Comunidad