BCM Health Ministry Leader Classes

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Health Ministry Leader Classes

BCM, Congregational Wellness promotes health and disease prevention by educating churches to implement health and wellness ministries that directly benefit congregants.

Wellness ministry leaders learn to:

  • Empower congregations to discover their health needs
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Plan wellness activities, disease prevention education, health screenings
  • Build faith community teams
  • Provide referrals to free and low cost programs and services
  • Access resources and grants

The church benefits by receiving complimentary:

  • Technical assistance to start and sustain the wellness ministry
  • Congregational health profiles and analysis
  • Continuing education for graduates
  • Quarterly wellness ministry meetings
  • Networking with other faith-based health ministries
  • Grant opportunities

Once trained, the wellness ministry leaders, in collaboration with the pastor and congregants, guide the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing.

Lisa A. Collins, BA, CHW, PHA

Congregational Wellness

Baptist Community Ministries

2222 Lakeshore Drive

New Orleans, LA  70122

Direct (504) 593-2330

Fax (504) 900-1983

CNEP CHPP Application 2018 (003)Course Flyer 2018 CNEP CHPP final

“It’s Your Right” Campaign

Hi Karla!

I hope you had a great weekend!
Our campaign is called “It’s Your Right”. In July, we organized 50 parents, teachers, and supporters to demand that OPSB strengthen policy to prevent law enforcement including ICE from access to schools and student data without a warrant and process. As a result of this action, OPSB passed a resolution in support of undocumented students, and worked with us to draft a policy in accordance the campaign. On September 14th, the board voted unanimously in favor of the policy. It is a great first step, and we are now working to get the policy passed by the other school boards throughout the city.
As part of the campaign, we have been raising letters of support. The letters can be signed online here in English, and here in Spanish
Thank you so much for sharing on your blog! Let me know if you need any more information, images, etc. 
Taylor Castillo | Communications Manager

DACA-mentary Fundraiser next Monday, October 2nd in the LBC City Diner, from 8:00pm-10:00pm

Hi Clinica supporters!
I wanted to pass on this invitation from Clinica volunteer Ana Maria Lopez to a documentary/fundraiser about DACA next Monday.  Please see below for more info.  Hope to see you there!
As you may or may not be aware, President Trump announced he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on September 5th, 2017. DACA recipients were given one month to renew their DACA status if their DACA status expires between September 2017 and March 2018. This has led to great mental, emotional, and financial stress for many of the DACA recipients within our community.
The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) recognize and stand in solidarity with our affected DACA students. Last December, USG and GAPSA passed a resolution in support of declaring Tulane University a sanctuary campus. USG and GAPSA understood the dangers of President Trump’s rhetoric and were prepared to support our students in any way possible. USG and GAPSA will continue to work toward creating a safe and secure environment for all individuals at Tulane University.
Towards that end, USG and GAPSA will be hosting a DACA-mentary Fundraiser next Monday, October 2nd in the LBC City Diner, from 8:00pm-10:00pm. USG will be tabling and selling tickets for $5 on McAlister Dr. on September 27th, 29th, and October 2nd from 11am-2pm. The entire ticket cost will go towards supporting USG and GAPSA collaborative efforts with Catholic Charities New Orleans’ to provide free legal support to DACA recipients. 
If you want to support but cannot attend the viewing, just visit the USG table this week and make a donation! 
If you have any questions regarding this event, please email Jenny Ly (jly@tulane.edu). Thank you again for all your support.
Nick Fears
President of GAPSA
Department of Psychology
Tulane University 
Office: 504-247-1856

LaTESOL Annual Conference, Nov 10th

Information for tables for non-profits is as follows:

  • There are two dates:
    • Mini-Dream Day, a professional development day for non-ESL teachers who work with English Language Learners, will be on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at the University of New Orleans.
    • The LaTESOL Annual Conference will be on Friday, November 10, 2017, at the University of New Orleans.
    • Both events will be from approximately 8:30 AM-3:30 PM.
    • Parking beside the building is available for $3 per day.
  • Recognized non-profits can table for free (normally $150 a table), but are asked to pay the registration fee ($75) to come to either the November 9 or 10 event. To come to both events is $130. We may be able to make an exception to work with a group that we really feel will bring great value to our organization on a case-by-case basis if they really cannot pay the registration fee, but please remember that we are also a non-profit! Tell them to email me directly at cindovin@uno.edu
  • For a non-profit that just wishes to have their information available for distribution at a table, a non-profit can mail or drop off information (fliers and other documents) to my office at the University of New Orleans no later than November 3. Email me for a mailing or physical address. cindovin@uno.edu
  • For non-profits who will be tabling, we may combine multiple groups to a table if space becomes an issue.
Thank you so much for getting this information out! We really appreciate the number of groups who are interesting in promoting their services at the conference. This has been a request for years from our membership, and we hope that we can begin to build a long-term, sustainable relationship with community partners!
All the best–

2017 New Orleans HIV Awareness Week Breakfast Oct. 19th

Rev. Gregory Manning, a member of the Faith-Based Committee of the 2017 New Orleans HIV Awareness Week, asked that you receive this invitation in the hope that you and leaders of your congregation would join us in an effort to address the needs of those infected/affected with HIV in our community.

The Faith-Based Committee of the 2017 New Orleans HIV Awareness Week extends an opportunity for your church to join us in an endeavor to promote HIV Awareness in New Orleans. HIV has been and continues to be a serious epidemic for the New Orleans Community. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Louisiana had the second largest number of HIV diagnosis rates among adults and adolescents in the United States and New Orleans ranked 3rd in the nation for HIV infection diagnosis for adults and adolescents in 2015. It is time for us to unite as one and take our community back. How can we do this? We can start by joining forces during the upcoming New Orleans HIV Awareness week while letting our presence be seen, letting our voices be heard, and sharing our hearts in love towards this cause.


New Orleans HIV Awareness Week 2017

November 29 – December 6

As Pastors, Officers, and Clergy Leaders, we can make a powerful impact in the lives of our congregations and communities. Our communities respect their spiritual leaders and entrust them to take a stand on issues that greatly affect the families of our communities. Healthy, knowledgeable, and educated individuals united together fosters stable and prosperous communities. Our input and efforts matter and will make an everlasting difference in the New Orleans community.


You are invited to a breakfast on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at Broadmoor Community Church (2021 S. Dupre St. NOLA) at 9AM. You will learn about the need for ministries to become involved in HIV issues, activities occurring during 2017 New Orleans HIV Awareness Week and how your church can participate in these endeavors as well as activities throughout the year. Feel free to include leaders of your congregation in this invitation. Please RSVP and direct any questions to Doreen Tollerson atdoreen.tollerson@crescentcare.org or 504-821-2601 x215.


We look forward to partnering with you in this very important HIV Awareness initiative.


Be Blessed,


Doreen Tollerson                                                         Opal Joseph

Faith-Based Committee                                              Faith-Based Committee

NOLA HIV/AIDS Awareness Week 2017                 NOLA HIV/AIDS Awareness Week 2017

504-821-2601 x215                                                    504-821-2601 x596




Doreen Keeler-Tollerson

Director of Volunteers Services


CrescentCare and

NO/AIDS Task Force,

A Division of CrescentCare

2601 Tulane Avenue

Suite 500

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

504-821-2601 x215 – Office

504-267-3014 – Fax

doreen.tollerson@crescentcare.org – Email


Web: http://www.crescentcare.org

HIV/AIDS information: http://www.noaidstaskforce.org

Follow us on Twitter: @crescentcareHWC @noaidstaskforce
Find us on Facebook
: www.facebook.com/CrescentCare



 CrescentCare is a nonprofit provider of holistic, community-based wellness services for everyone in the
Greater New Orleans area.  CrescentCare’s foundation is built upon 30 years of experience in delivering quality, person-centered healthcare as NO/AIDS Task Force.  At the heart of our mission is to serve the underserved in our community.


Greater New Orleans’ 2nd Annual Clinical Town Hall on Wednesday, September 27th

You are invited to attend the Greater New Orleans’ 2nd Annual Clinical Town Hall on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 from 8:00AM – 2:00PM. Join us for a day of listening, learning and community building around our Bold Goal – to make New Orleans 20 percent healthier by 2020.

Keynote speaker, Vice President of Operations at the Root Cause Coalition,  Jason Gromley, will speak about the importance of cross-sector collaboration for improving public health and addressing the social determinants of health. New to the conference this year will be five topical break-out sessions, one of which will offer CME and CEU credits. A light breakfast and buffet lunch will be served.

Please select the Attend Event button above to navigate to the Eventbrite website to register your attendance and select your breakout session topic.  Space will be limited, so we encourage you to register today!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Tulane School of Social Work Masters students performing a needs assessment of mental health services for the foreign-born Latinx community (FBLC) in New Orleans

Buenos días,
Ud. ha sido invitado/a a participar en una encuesta breve administrada por los estudiantes del programa posgrado de la Tulane School of Social Work. Los estudiantes están desarollando una asesoría sobre la necesidad por servicios de salud mental para la comunidad latinx (FBLC) en New Orleans nacido/a en el exterior. Ud. ha sido identificado/a  como un/a miembro de la comunidad quien podría tener percepción valerosa en las necesidades de esa comunidad. La información que Ud. comparte tendrá la posibilidad de impactar la entrega de servicios a esa comunidad.
La comunidad FBLC incluye refugiados, inmigrantes, los que están buscando asilo, y trabajadores migrantes sin papeles, así como sus hijos, quienes viven en los EEUU y se indentifican a su raza como latino/a/x. Esa definición de personas nacidos en el exterior excluye individuos en migración temporal con fines de trabajar o estudiar. Si Ud. no cumple con los criterios, favor de no seguir en cumplir la encuesta. De todos modos,  Ud.puede adelantar esa correspondencía electrónica a cualquier persona Ud. cree que tenga percepción valerosa. TODOS LAS RESPUESTAS SON CONFIDENCIALES Y ANONIMAS tan solo que Ud. elija proporcionar información sobre su identidad. Además, no vamos a hacer ningúna pregunta sobre sus estatus inmigratorio. Se necesita no más de 10 minutos para cumplir la encuesta. El equipo de investigación administrando la encuesta incluye los estudiantes Alessandra Duarte, Neil Hilton, Chelsea Lafferty, and Bethanie Mangigian. Favor de dirigir cualquier pregunta or inquietud a ellos: latinxmentalhealth@tulane.edu.
Gracías por su tiempo y participación. 
Good morning, 
You are invited to participate in a brief survey conducted by Tulane School of Social Work Masters students performing a needs assessment of mental health services for the foreign-born Latinx community (FBLC) in New Orleans. You have been identified as a community member who may have valuable insight into the needs of this community. The information you share has the potential to impact service delivery to this group.
The FBLC includes refugees, immigrants, asylees, and undocumented migrants who currently live in the United States and self-identify their race as Latino/a/x. This definition of foreign-born excludes individuals migrating temporarily for work or study purposes. If you do not meet the criteria, please refrain from completing this survey. However, feel free to forward this survey to anyone you feel may have valuable insight. ALL RESPONSES ARE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS AND CONFIDENTIAL unless you choose to provide identifying information. We also do not ask any questions regarding legal status. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete; thank you for your time and participation!
The research team conducting the survey includes students Alessandra Duarte, Neil Hilton, Chelsea Lafferty, and Bethanie Mangigian. All inquiries and questions can be directed to them at latinxmentalhealth@tulane.edu.

Crescent City WIC Services, Inc.: Domestic Violence Training

Good Morning Crescent City WIC Services, Inc. is proud to present our Domestic Violence Training for the Month of October. Attached are the flyers and all information regarding the date, time and location. These will be closed sessions and you must RSVP for a slot. Please be sure to e-mail your name, organization, telephone number and e-mail to RSVP. Also please state if you will be attending both days. You may RSVP to Breanna Bonner at bbonner@ccwic.org or Liz Schultheis at lizadmin@ccwic.org . We look forward to seeing you all and helping our community through the training that we receive.


Crescent City PIC (Parents, Infants and Children) Healthy Start Initiative

A Division of Crescent City WIC Services, Inc.

504-247-0592 Ext. 2  General 

504-391-2271  Administration

504-391-3679  Fax