Baton Rouge Immigrants’ Rights Coalition meeting, September 28th

Dear Baton Rouge Immigrants’ Rights Coalition:

Thank you to those who attended our last meeting on August 31st, the minutes are attached for your review, as well as the final messaging document that will be used to create a social media toolkit for the communications campaign that we will launch later this year. Our next meeting will be Friday September 28th from 11 am to 1pm at Charles R Kelly Community Center in Baton Rouge. The purpose of this meeting will be to review a draft one-pager about the coalition’s goals and values, finalize the dissemination strategy and review to finalize a social media toolkit.

Also, attached please find the flyers (English and Spanish) for the upcoming Citizenship Workshop hosted by Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge. They are looking for participants and volunteers for the event

Next Steps:

  • FFL team will develop one-pager about the coalition and present it for discussion, review and approval during September’s meeting
  • FFL team will share 2-3 potential names for coalition to vote on via online survey before the next meeting
  • FFL team will finalize graphics based on feedback from participants to draft a social media toolkit and press release
  • Ms. Green will share information about her nonprofit organization Imagination Leads
  • Nik will share information about a national organization trying to create a chapter in New Orleans to visit immigrants in detention centers, they are looking for community members to go to detention center to visit immigrants.
  • Progressive Social Network is looking for your support to pass a Civil Rights ordinance in Baton Rouge that will 1)enact a new chapter to the city-parish municipal code establishing the rights of all citizens and thereby protect against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation based on real or perceived race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, familial status, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status; and 2) create a commission to serve as an arm of enforcement of this new chapter by investigating complaints, encouraging mediation to the greatest extent possible, and when necessary, making determinations. Please sign the petition here and share it with your networks.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Rosa Gόmez-Herrin
Program Manager
Foundation for Louisiana
Office #: 225-383-1672



Louisiana Immigration Working Group meeting, November 14th

Dear friends,

The Louisiana Immigration Working Group will be meeting on Wednesday November 14, 2018 at 3:00.  We will meet at the LSBA Bar Center at 601 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA in the Founder’s Room.  We will be sending out a separate calendar invitation.
Immigration issues have clearly been in the news, both locally and nationally.  The group was formed to increase pro bono representation, to facilitate access to justice, and to open dialogues across those engaged in immigration as providers, attorneys, judges, officers, adjudicators, or respondents. The need for legal representation remains a paramount issue for our communities as does the need for information sharing and dialogue.
We encourage all of you to attend and look forward to our ongoing dialogue.
If you have an item of concern or for the agenda, please let us know.  Please cc and, so we are sure to see it and respond in a timely manner.
Kathleen Gasparian and Hiroko Kusuda
Prefer a call – Kathleen 504 262 9878

Catholic Charities (CCANO) – Immigration Services

Catholic Charities – Immigration Services

 (504) 310-6860

Catholic Charities Immigration Services provides free or low-cost immigration counseling and representation to individuals and families who are eligible for immigration benefits but who cannot afford private attorneys. Accredited by the US Department of Justice’s Board of Immigration Appeals to provide a broad range of legal assistance, we serve over 4,000 people a year through our team of lawyers, accredited Immigration Representatives, social workers, and case managers.  We also have specialized programs to serve particularly at risk populations of immigrants, including unaccompanied children, survivors of domestic violence/abuse, survivors of trafficking and other crimes, and those detained in immigration facilities.  Our legal services include:

  • Individualized Legal Representation: CCANO hosts a weekly Walk-In Clinicevery Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at 2505 Maine Avenue, Metairie, LA. Individuals will be seen on a first come, first serve basis and must come at noon to sign-up in person. Reservations are not accepted. If you are coming on behalf of a child, the child should be present as well. Please bring any relevant forms and documents. If it is determined that you are eligible to receive immigration benefits, you will meet with our legal staff for a consultation. Be prepared to pay a $50 consultation fee per person(check, money order, or card). Representation includes but is not limited to:
  • Family-based visas and petitions for legal permanent residency;
  • Applications for naturalization (citizenship);
  • Humanitarian forms of relief (VAWA, asylum, U and T visas, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Temporary Protected Status, etc.);
  • Deferred action applications (i.e. DACA), travel visas / advance parole, employment authorization, declarations, waivers, etc.;
  • Deportation defense for immigrants detained or in removal proceedings.
  • Citizenship Classes & Application Assistance: CCANO offers regular adult education classes to help legal permanent residents prepare for the citizenship exam, as well as low-cost assistance to apply for citizenship.Classes offer instruction in ESL reading, writing, and speaking, the history of the United States, the U.S. government, and other citizenship exam topics.  Classes allow you to practice for the citizenship application, the citizenship interview, the citizenship exam, and more.  Class schedule varies. Registration Fee: $35 per person.

Call (504) 310-6922 for more information.

  • Free Community Legal Orientations: CCANO provides hour-long presentations, held 7:00-8:00 PM on the 2ndWednesday of each month at 2505 Maine Ave, Metairie, 70003, for the public to learn about the following topics and more:
  • “Know Your Rights” information;
  • Common forms of immigration relief;
  • Immigration court proceedings;
  • Recent changes in Immigration law;
  • Legal and other resources in the community for immigrants.
  • Free Legal Clinics and Workshops:CCANO holds free legal self-help desks every week at a variety of locations to provide information on who may qualify for immigration benefits, answer simple immigration questions and make referrals. The clinics are free and open to the public.  Please bring any documents relevant to your case. CCANO periodically holds free legal workshops on topics of high need such as asylum or DACA renewal, to assist immigrants in preparing petitions on their own.

Call our immigration legal services hotline at:

(504) 227-3333

for recorded information on our legal services.

Caridades Católicas (CCANO) – Servicios de Inmigración

Caridades Católicas – Servicios de Inmigración

 (504) 310-6860

Caridades Católicas Servicios de Inmigración ofrece consejería y representación legal gratuita o de bajo costo a individuos y familias que son elegibles para los beneficios de inmigración, pero que no pueden pagar a los abogados privados. Acreditado por el departamento de Justicia de EEUU para proveer una amplia gama de servicios, nosotros atendemos a más de 4,000 personas al año a través de nuestro equipo de abogados, miembros acreditados de la Junta de Apelaciones Migratorias, trabajadores sociales y trabajadores de casos. También tenemos programas especializados para servir a las comunidades que tienen necesidades particularmente altas, incluyendo niños no acompañados, sobrevivientes de violencia/abuso doméstico, víctimas de tráfico humano y otros tipos de delito. Nuestros servicios legales incluyen:

  • Representación Legal Individual:CCANO ofrece semanalmente una Clínica Sin Cita Previacada miércoles de 12:00 PM a 1:00 PMen 2505 Maine Avenue, Metairie, LA. Las personas serán atendidas por orden de llegada y deberán presentarse al mediodía para inscribirse en persona. No se aceptan reservas. Si viene en nombre de un niño, el niño también debe estar presente. Por favor traiga cualquieras formularios y documentos relevantes. Si se determina que usted es elegible para recibir beneficios de inmigración, se reunirá con nuestro personal legal para una consulta. Esté preparado para pagar una cuota de consulta de $50 por persona(cheque, giro postal o tarjeta). La representación incluye, pero no está limitada a:
  • Peticiones familiares de inmigración
  • Ajustede estatus (para residencia permanente legal)
  • Aplicaciones de naturalización (ciudadanía) y clases preparatorias.
  • Estatus de protección Temporal (TPS), visas para comprometidos, procesos consulares, visa de viaje, documentos de libertad condicional, autorización de empleo, declaraciones, etc.
  • Peticiones deVAWA y aplicaciones de U-visa
  • Asilo, Estado especial para inmigrantes juveniles, salida voluntaria
  • Representación para personas detenidas por inmigración o en procedimientos de deportación
  • Clases de Ciudadanía y Ayuda con Aplicaciones:CCANO ofrece clases regulares de educación de adultos para ayudar a los residentes legales permanentes a prepararse para el examen de ciudadanía, así como asistencia de bajo costo para solicitar la ciudadanía. Las clases ofrecen instrucción para la lectura, escritura y habla del inglés, la historia de los Estados Unidos, el gobierno de los EEUU y otros temas del examen. Las clases le permiten practicar para la solicitud de ciudadanía, la entrevista de ciudadanía, el examen de ciudadanía y más. El horario de clases varía. Costo de Inscripción: $35 por persona.

Llame al número (504) 310-6922para más información.

  • Orientación Legal Comunitaria Gratuita: Las sesiones duran de 7:00 PM a 9:00 PM cada segundo miércoles del mesen 2505 Maine Avenue, Metairie, LA, 70003.

Presentación abierta al público de una hora donde les informan sobre los siguientes temas y más:

  • Información sobre ‘Conozca sus Derechos’
  • Remedios comunes contra la deportación
  • Procedimientos en la corte de inmigración
  • Cambios recientes de la ley inmigratoria
  • Recursos legales y otros tipos de recursosen la comunidad para inmigrantes
  • Clínicas Gratuitas de Inmigración:CCANO provee clínicas de inmigración con auto-ayuda legal todas las semanas en una variedad de ubicaciones para proporcionar información sobre quién puede calificar para los beneficios de inmigración, responder a preguntas simples de inmigración y hacer referencias. Las clínicas son gratuitas y abiertas al público. Por favor traiga cualquier documento relevante para su caso. CCANO organiza talleres legales gratuitos sobre temas de alta necesidad, como el asilo o renovación de DACA, para apoyar inmigrantes a preparar sus propias peticiones.

Llame a nuestra línea de información a

(504) 227-3333

para obtener los detalles grabados sobre nuestros eventos comunitarios.

LA Appleseed: Deportation Manuals

Below are links to the two manuals–(1) Protecting Assets & Child Custody in the Face of Deportation; and (2)  “Getting Off the Assembly Line: Overcoming Immigration Court Obstacles in Individual Cases”:

Unfortunately, we only have them in English right now. We are working with volunteers to summarize this information into a pamphlet–in English and Spanish.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.