Clinica Colibri, Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hi everyone,
Clinica is on for tomorrow!  Sign up here if you can come.  We’ve learned that the current legal team will no longer be able to commit to come out every other week, though some of them are still available to offer consults from time to time at the clinic, and they’ll be available by phone to answer questions we have.  This week, though, we just got a surprise email from Corina Salazar, one of the lawyers who’s supported us before, and she’ll be coming tomorrow to do consults.
We’ve decided to switch, starting this month, to offering services just two Saturdays a month.  We think it will usually be the 1st and 3rd Saturday, but for this month it will be the 1st and 4th since the Immigration Nation folks are going to visit Clinica Colibri on April 22nd to provide a Know Your Rights training and immigration law consults.
We may start trying to organize specific events/workshops/services for specific days.  If you have ideas for special one-time workshops we could host, we’d love to hear them, especially if you’re interested in helping to organize or lead an event!
Finally, another clothing swap is in the works!  If you’re interested in helping plan that, please let me know.