New Orleans Health Department: City-Wide Community Health Assessment Survey in English and Spanish

General Message:

Every five years the New Orleans Health Department and community partners conduct a city-wide Community Health Assessment in order to identify the most pressing health issues facing New Orleans residents and opportunities for improving health. This year a Community Health Survey is one of the many ways that community voice is being incorporated into the process. By completing and sharing the survey you are helping partners to better understand what is important to you and to your community. The survey results will guide us as we make plans to improve health over the next five years.

How can I participate in the Community Health Assessment?

Step 1: Complete the Community Health Survey by clicking here

Step 2: Share the link below with friends, colleagues, clients—anyone who lives in Orleans Parish and wants to see improvements in health and quality of life!



Step 3: Subscribe to the new e-newsletterA Healthier New Orleans for All, and stay up to date on Community Health news! Click here to subscribe.

Step 4: Use the hashtag #healthyNOLAforall on all Facebook or Twitter posts related to health and quality of life in New Orleans!

Who can I contact for more information?


Jodi Dyer, LMSW
Community Health Improvement Coordinator
New Orleans Health Department

504.658.2563 (o) | 504.358.7734 (c)

Web | Facebook | Twitter


NOHD_Community Health Survey_2017-2018NOHD_SPANISH_Community Health Survey_ 2017-2018


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