Committee For A Better New Orleans RFP: Membership Program and Event Production

Dear CBNO Partners and Friends,

Attached is an RFP from Committee for a Better New Orleans seeking proposals from individuals or firms that might be interested in working with us on some projects, including membership and events.  The deadline for responses is February 15.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance in circulating this among your many contacts, as we hope to get a good number of responses to review.

Thanks so much in advance,

Keith G.C. Twitchell, President
Committee for a Better New Orleans
(504) 430-2258

CBNO works to create equity and opportunity for all New Orleanians by developing community leaders, fostering civic engagement, and advocating for open, effective, accountable government. Our vision is a New Orleans where everyone has a voice and every voice is heard.

Request For Proposals

Membership Program and Event Production

The Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO) is seeking proposals for a contractual relationship to provide support for three organization activities. Though distinct from each other, there will be overlap among these activities. Specifically, these are finalizing the design of and implementing the CBNO membership program; managing the annual Diana Lewis Citizen Participation Awards event; and producing the annual Bryan Bell Metropolitan Leadership Forum. Each of these will be coordinated through the CBNO president; each of these will be supported by a specific CBNO Board committee.

Roles and responsibilities for this position, along with related Board of Directors and staff roles and responsibilities, are as follows.

For the membership program, the contractor will:

  • Finalize details of the CBNO membership program, including benefits, marketing materials, etc.
  • Organize, update and maintain the Forum alumni database.
  • Send the membership materials to all the Forum alumni, with follow-up as needed.
  • Produce the graduate events promised as part of the membership benefits.
  • Ensure the delivery of all other membership benefits.
  • Track and report on results of the membership program.

For the membership program, the Board committee will:

  • Generally oversee the staff person’s work on the program, including review of the final details and marketing materials.
  • Assist with identifying and developing the graduate events.
  • Provide volunteer assistance with the event logistics.
  • Review the program results and consider modifications as such results might suggest.
  • Once the program is successfully established with Forum alumni, consider expansion of the program to additional community members and segments.

For the Leadership Forum, the contractor will be responsible for the following:


  • Meet and communicate with CBNO Committee and President as needed.
  • Communicate with Forum participants as needed.


  • Review the sessions and panelists from the previous year’s Forum with the Committee; assist in consideration and identification of potential panelists; set full Forum calendar.
  • Once the preferred set of panelists for each session is set, contact and receive commitments from panelists. Committee should be updated if panelists are not available or otherwise decline, and/or if there may be reason to make changes to calendar; work with Committee on panelist and/or calendar changes as needed.
  • Receive and maintain file of nomination forms for the Forum; compile list of nominees as directed by Committee.
  • Send notification letters to all nominees (electronically).
  • Organize logistics for City Bus Tour, including bus, meeting site, caterer, etc.
  • Organize logistics for all Forum sessions, including locations, caterer, etc. Typically, all but one or two sessions are conducted in the same location.
  • Organize logistics for Forum graduation, including location, caterer, etc.
  • With the CBNO President, assemble class roster, track tuition payments, prepare name tags, and generally follow up as needed.
  • Perform additional general logistical and organizational tasks as needed to ensure complete and timely preparation for launch of Forum.
    • Booking the venue and serving as CBNO’s point of contact with the venue.
    • Contacting and booking the keynote speaker, once identified, and being the point of contact.
    • Supporting the work of obtaining sponsors and of selling tickets and tables.
    • Increasing the publicity and promotion of the event.
    • Managing the other logistics of the event, both in advance and on the day of the event. 


      • Arrive at each session 30 – 60 minutes prior to scheduled start time; ensure that all technologies and other support are in place and functioning; generally ensure that all is ready for the session.
      • Prior to each session, collect info from panelists, including bios, presentations, recommended reading materials, etc. in electronic format; circulate info to participants on a timely basis. Also, prepare agenda with sponsor information and bring to session.
      • Prior to each session, send reminder emails to participants along with any other relevant info.
      • Organize participant name tags, agendas, evaluation forms, and any printed session materials for pick-up as participants arrive. Collect name tags and evaluation forms at conclusion of each session.
      • Prior to graduation session, prepare diplomas, coordinate with CBNO President on signatures.
      • Throughout Forum, communicate any issues, concerns, etc. to Committee and President.
      • Perform additional general session staffing responsibilities as needed.


      • Compile and distribute graduate contact information list.
      • Prepare summary of evaluation forms; meet with Committee and President to review evaluations, debrief on Forum, and make recommendations for following year.

      For the Diana Lewis Citizen Participation Awards event
      , the contractor will be responsible for the overall production of the event. This would include:

    The Board Committee and staff will identify the award recipients and the keynote speaker, and take the lead on obtaining sponsors and selling tickets and tables for the event.

    For both the Leadership Forum and the Awards event, CBNO will provide the contractor with historical documents, including established procedures, contacts, etc., and will generally work closely with, and provide strong support for, the contractor.

    In addition to the above-listed specific tasks, the contractor will do some general organizing, updating and management of some of CBNO’s databases, which will in turn increase the value and utility of the information. At different times, there will be opportunities to cross-market the above programs (i.e., sending the Leadership Forum nomination information out to Awards event attendees; better marketing the event to members and alumni, etc.). CBNO staff will work with the contractor to identify and take advantage of these opportunities.

    CBNO anticipates that fulfilling the responsibilities described in this RFP will require an average of twenty hours per week, and expects the resulting contract to be based on this time commitment. CBNO will not provide computer, cell phone or similar equipment. CBNO does not expect contractor to work out of the CBNO office, and will not provide regular office space for the work detailed in this contract. However, regular and close communication with the CBNO president and the relevant Board committee chairs is expected.

    CBNO seeks proposals at a rate of approximately $20 to $25 per hour. Performance benchmarks and bonuses may be considered. Proposals are requested by close of business on February 16, 2018. Proposals should be sent via email to Keith Twitchell at; or via mail to 4902 Canal Street, suite 300, NOLA 70119.


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