Tulane School of Social Work Masters: Brief Survey

Good afternoon, 
Your participation is requested in this brief survey conducted by Tulane School of Social Work Masters students performing a needs assessment of mental health services for the foreign-born Latinx community (FBLC) in New Orleans. This survey is designed to be completed by individuals working with the FBLC in Greater New Orleans as part of an ongoing mental health needs assessment. You have been identified as a professional who may be able to provide insight into working with this population. The information you share has the potential to impact service delivery to this group.

The FBLC includes refugees, immigrants, asylees, and undocumented migrants who currently live in the United States and self-identify their race as Latino/a/x. This definition of foreign-born excludes individuals migrating temporarily for work or study purposes. If you interact in a professional capacity with the defined population, please continue to complete the survey. If you do not interact in a professional capacity with foreign-born Latinx individuals, please refrain from completing this survey; however, feel free to forward this email to any professionals who do. All responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide identifying information. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete; thank you for your time and participation!


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