SPLC’s Immigrant Justice Project & The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice: Bond Campaign

SPLC’s Immigrant Justice Project is representing Juan Carlos Hernandez Contreras, a man who was arrested in his home during recent ICE raids in Alabama.  The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is raising money for his bond so he can fight his deportation outside of detention. Please consider donating to Juan’s bond fund! Please visit the campaign page here to donate.

On March 18, heavily armed ICE agents raided Juan Carlos’s home in Hartselle, Alabama. Even though the ICE agents were looking for someone else who did not live there, they took Juan Carlos into custody. He is now detained in Louisiana. On May 3, an immigration judge granted Juan Carlos a $17,000 bond. His family has been able to scrape together $10,000, and now we need your help to raise the remaining $7,000.

Juan Carlos Hernandez Contreras is a kind, hard-working member of the community of Hartselle. He provides not only for his immediate family, but also for his siblings, cousins and grandparents. He is a church member and an avid soccer player. He has no criminal history except for several traffic tickets. His 90-year-old grandparents are having a difficult time without his help.

The raid on Juan Carlos’s home was part of a large-scale ICE enforcement operation that led to the arrest and detention of dozens of community members who we call the Alabama 40. During these larger raids, ICE has been known to use illegal and unconstitutional tactics to get access to homes or make arrests in the street or at traffic stops. These tactics instill fear and hurt immigrant communities at large; Juan Carlos’ relatives now fear answering the door.


Jenna Finkle

Outreach Paralegal | Asistente Legal

Immigrant Justice Project | Proyecto de Justicia Inmigrante

Southern Poverty Law Center

1055 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 505

New Orleans, LA 70130

Work: (504) 526-1501

Cell: (504) 259-1726


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