Latina Entrepreneurs Judges for ILI TIME Challenge in New Orleans, October 26th

Dear Colleague:

I hope you had a good weekend.

Can you refer me to one or more Latina entrepreneurs who might be interested and available in being a judge for the ILI TIME Challenge in New Orleans on October 26th?
They can be from anywhere in the country/world. If they are southern US based even better.
Entrepreneurial expertise (have and are running their own company) track record in any of the following subject areas would be great:
  • Technology (STEM)
  • Communication
  • Fund/Capital/Finance
  • Marketing/PR/Branding
  • Architecture/Construction/Real Estate
Depending on her business and or product she would also have an opportunity to present it to the Forum attendees on that day.
The way the 26th is shaping up is the first 1/2 of the day will be presentations by the judges on what they are doing/bring/brought to the market place.  The 2nd part of the day would be judging the ideas the collage students come up with on moving the NASA technology to the market place and or new ideas/uses (adaptive) for the tech. This is subject to change as the planning is finalized.
You can share the link ( and attached PDF with the women you think might be interested.  They can reach out to me to find out more.
mobile: 404.909.3276

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