CBNO – Master Plan Amendment Guide

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that at long last, the Community Guide to the Master Plan Amendments is officially in print!  Thanks to all who helped put this together; it was a massive undertaking, and it took many hands to bring it to fruition.  If you would like hard copies, please email me back and we will figure out how to connect; the link to the pdf file online is  Thanks also to Baptist Community Ministries, Foundation For Louisiana, the Greater New Orleans Foundation, and the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, all of whom contributed to the costs of producing the Guide.

Also, please share this information among your colleagues, contacts, communities and constituencies, and let them know that hard copies are available from CBNO.  It is simply imperative that as many people as possible participate in the Master Plan amendment process.  The Master Plan is the road map for the future of our city, our neighborhoods and our lives, and it must remain a document of the people, by the people, for the people.

Thanks so much,



Keith G.C. Twitchell, President
Committee for a Better New Orleans
(504) 430-2258


CBNO works to create equity and opportunity for all New Orleanians by developing community leaders, fostering civic engagement, and advocating for open, effective, accountable government. Celebrating 50 years of building community in 2016!


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