City of Kenner Hispanic Resource Center: Community Health & Resource Fair

Hello All,

Attached please find a copy of our flyer in Spanish and English for our upcoming Community Health & Resource fair to be held on Friday, January 22, 2016 from 10:00 am – 3:00pm – at the City of Kenner Hispanic Resource Center located at 4312 Florida Ave, Kenner, LA 70065. Everyone is WELCOMED!

Following is a list of organizations that will have representatives available to answer questions:
Serenity Hospice Services
Social Security Administration
Jefferson Council on Aging
Families Helping Families of Jefferson
Second Harvest
CCANO Greenwalt Adult Day Care Center
Westminster Towers
Health Net
Patio Drugs
National Total Care Services, LLC
Please assist us by posting, copying, and forwarding to your colleagues and friends in the community the attached flyer in Spanish and English.
As always we thank you in advance for your assistance in promoting these services to the public

Rebeca L. Hasbún
Supervisor III
City of Kenner, Department of Community Development
Hispanic Resource Center
4312 Florida Avenue
Kenner, Louisiana 70065
Telephone: (504) 469-2570
FAX Number: (504) 469-2572


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