Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office: Annual New Orleans Neighborhood Summit November 14th

Hi all,

Please excuse any repeated information, but I wanted to reach out to you personally to encourage you and your membership to register to attend the annual New Orleans Neighborhood Summit, which will be held Saturday, Nov. 14th at Dillard University.

At the summit, you will have the opportunity to attend a workshop with in-depth information on your topic of choice (affordable housing, resilience planning, best practices in neighborhood organizing, or how to work strategically with local government). These workshops will feature local government leaders, community organizations, and neighborhood case studies. Be prepared to walk away with detailed information and an understanding of tools at your disposal to improve your community.

Please let me know asap if language is an issue and I will be happy to work on providing language access at the summit.

Register today and spread the word!

Register Now for the 2015 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit
Register now for the annual Neighborhood Summit, a day of professional development, information sharing, and networking for community leaders. This year’s theme is Resilient Neighborhoods: Rebuilding Together for a Stronger New Orleans.
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Laura A. Mellem
Neighborhood Liaison
(504) 658-4982

Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office
City of New Orleans
*1300 Perdido Street, Suite 8E15


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