State of Youth Sports Survey

This is our 2nd request. We have received only 10 responses from 300 organizations.  Community leaders, church nurses, lay health advocates and pastors in metro New Orleans are asked to complete this State of Youth Sports Survey on behalf of your church. Thanks for your assistance.
Click here:

The New Orleans Sport for Development Coalition is committed to increasing access to and participation in quality youth sport programming in the city of New Orleans. This survey has been developed in order to assess our progress towards this goal over the next 10 years. Local church organizations have been identified as positive environments for city youth that often provide youth sport opportunities. We hope that you will participate in this survey, as part of a city-wide research initiative, in order to provide us with a better understanding of church contribution to the youth sport space. This survey will ask you basic questions about your organization, the physical activity and sport activities you provide, and the target population you support. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

We’re asking that all surveys be completed and returned by August 7, 2015 at the latest.

Lisa A. Collins
Congregational Wellness
The McFarland Institute
Baptist Community Ministries
400 Poydras St., Suite 2525
New Orleans, LA 70130
Direct (504) 593-2330
Fax (504) 593-2305

Please call Katherine with any questions you might have about the work!

Katherine Tomaino MSPH, RD
Evaluation and Learning Specialist
Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA
645 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10022
Tel: +1 212 891 2487
Mob: +1 718 909 0315 @Laureus_USA


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