Theater Without Borders/Teatro Sin Fronteras: Theater events June 30 – August 25

To whom it mat concerns at Latino Forum:

Please distribute and drop by tonight, if possible. Teatro Sin Fronteras is free and open to the public.


Amigas/Amigos & Arts Aficionados (distribute with cyber abandon):

Teatro Sin Fronteras / Theater Without Bordersis a series of Six Movable Feasts to engage the community at large with interdisciplinary theater events, music, & food to celebrate the contributions of LATINAS/LATINOS to the post-Katrina Rebirth of New Orleans in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the storm.

As part of this program, ArteFuturo Productions, my producing entity, and Puentes New Orleans is featuring a wide variety of Latina/no artists in our city to introduce them to new audiences, to more Latina/no audiences, and to develop movement building with the arts as our guiding force within the growing Latina/no community. Teatro Sin Fronteras is funded by Alternate ROOTS’ Partners In Action Program.

We have received some good local press, and Dean Shapiro wrote a thoughtful feature story for The Advocate New Orleans in the Arts Section called Beaucoup. This article inspired the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement to contact us, and list our Theater Without Borders Series on the city’s calendar for Katrina-related cultural events in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary.

The Advocate New Orleans:

WWNO/89.9FM, our NPR Station, featureD an interview today on Diane Mack’s Inside The Arts program at 1pm.

Teatro Sin Fronteras’ employs the arts as a catalyst to bring us together and shape a better understanding of who we are as a people and a diverse Latina/no culture here in New Orleans. Post-storm, the long-lasting Latina/no community of the city with generations of families living here and its Spanish Colonial legacy have often been forgotten and made invisible in the mainstream media narratives, and our newly arrived Latina/no immigrant brothers and sisters have contributed tremendously to the physical reconstruction and REBIRTH of LA NUEVA ORLEANS in the near decade since.

This is the only cultural series of its kind that features Latina/no theater artists and actors, writers and poets, visual artists, filmmakers, and a variety of musicians that bring attention to the diversity of Latina/no creative beings who have also contributed to the Arts Renaissance of New Orleans post-Katrina.

Todays, program features some brilliant artists.

Teatro Sin Fronteras #3 on Tuesday, June 30
Old Marquer Theatre 2400 Saint Claude Ave from 7-9pm
(Formerly Shadowbox)
Free and open to the public.
Catered by Sarita’s Grill.

Melinda Palacio, Chicana award-winning poet
Maritza Mercado-Narcissse, Dancer performing a movement piece
William Sabourin O’Reilly, two post-Katrina short films
Cynthia Ramirez, visual artist pop-up show & art talk
Intimos Blake Amos and Leo Oliveira performing Bossa Nova
Brazilian songs from their repertoires

We need to drive our own narratives & not be forgotten!

José Torres-Tama, MC & Performance Artist
accompanied by Denise Frazier.


Teatro Sin Fronteras #4 on Tuesday, July 21
Ashé Cultural Arts Center from 7-9pm

Jennifer Pagan, playwright performing an excerpt of Naked in the New World
Odile Nicole Del Giudice, ten minute excerpt of She
Omaira Falcon, songwriter and guitarist
Roberto Carrillo, Andean folk musician

José Torres-Tama, MC & Performance Artist
delivers excerpts from The Cone of Uncertainty: New Orleans after Katrina
accompanied by Denise Frazier.

Future Dates for Teatro Sin Fronteras #4 – #6:
July 21 Ashé Cultural Arts Center
August 11 Arts Estuary 1024
August 25 @ Old Marquer Theater
(formerly The Shadowbox Theater)
José Torres-Tama
& ArteFuturo Productions
1329 Saint Roch Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117
Make art that matters!

Immigrant Dreams & Alien Nightmares
25 Years of Poems from 1989 to 2014
Diálogos Books:

Art Book: New Orleans Free People of Color & Their Legacy
Pastel Portraits of 19th Century Creoles Published by Ogden Museum


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