CCANO Immigration and Refugee Services: Job Postings for Case Managers

Dear Daesy and Karla:

As promised after our last Latino Forum meeting, I wanted to send along info. regarding CCANO’s programming and related recruitment:

In particular, we have a new Unaccompanied Children’s Program to provide direct legal representation, community orientations/outreach, and case management to Central American children fleeing persecution, abuse, and abandonment in their home countries and recently released to sponsors in our area. We have hired two new immigration attorneys thus far and are currently looking to hire a bilingual Case Manager to work with the attorneys and our “Child Advocate” to ensure that the children most in need can access holistic supportive services.

Additionally, we are restructuring our refugee services in order to provide more support to the team. Most notably this includes hiring a bilingual Supervising Case Manager that we hope will have an MSW or other relevant educational qualifications to be able to professionalize our case management services as well as supervise clinical interns who wish to work in a “hands-on” way with our refugee population. We are also starting a refugee volunteer mentor program through Americorps which will provide new opportunities for mentor/volunteers to be matched with newly arrived families and support their integration into our community. (Will be sending out more info. on this in the next 1-2 months).

I am attaching all the relevant job descriptions here. Would you mind helping me to disseminate widely, i.e. send out to the Latino Forum member listserve, post on your blog, and post to any other relevant immigrant/social service listserves that you might be on?

I am excited about the potential for these new opportunities to be a contribution to greater professional development within immigration/refugee work in New Orleans and LA more generally! We will be hiring quickly.

All the best,
Julie Y. Ward
Director, Immigration and Refugee Services
Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New Orleans
(504) 310-6863


CCANO Case Manager Unaccompanied Children Program CCANO Refugee Case Manager CCANO Supervising Refugee Case Manager


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