Puentes New Orleans, Inc. & National Council of La Raza “Escalera Program” for Youths

Dear JPPSS Allies,

Greetings I hope all is well. As you all know this week we are staring our orientation for our Escalera Program, a NCLR program that promotes economic mobility, career planning, and access to advanced careers for Juniors and Seniors. This is a unique program designed to prepare Latino students for life after high-school, in college, and in the professional world.

We really would like JP schools in the West-Bank to support this program and encourage Latino juniors and seniors to attend. It is completely free and an amazing opportunity. We look forward to working with you all once again, and promoting further education and greater opportunities for the children in your school.

I have attached the flyer and the application form please distribute as needed. Our first orientation is this Thursday,  and we will be having another orientation Wednesday, August 20th both will be held at 5:30 pm at the public library on 2751 Manhattan Blvd. Orientation is not a requirement just a preliminary meeting to receive info on the program. Please let us know if there is any way we may have access to the students to introduce this program. Please forward this message to the principle and any other staff that may help us recruit Latino juniors and seniors.

Thank you for your time we appreciate all the support,

Julissa Gonzales
Community Organizer

Puentes New Orleans, Inc.
off (504) 821-7228
cell (504) 491-4520

Escalera_Flyer_AUG 14 & 20_boost2Puentes Escalera Application _SPAN_Puentes Escalera Application_ENG


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