N.O. District Attorney’s Citizens Academy

Would anyone in your organization like to attend the DA’s Citizens Academy? It begins on Tuesday September 9, 2014 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM and there are eight sessions ending on Tuesday October 28, 2014. Please read attached information and fill out the registration to enter the class. The attachments can be duplicated and/or shared with others. There is much information to be learned from these classes. The classes are interactive and everyone is encouraged to participate. I encourage many to attend.
Please call me if you have questions.


Anne Zoller Kiefer
Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office
619 South White Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119
504-329-7882 Cell
504-822-2414 x2937 Office

ORLEANS PARISH DISTRICT ATTORNEY NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission is for the use of the named individual or entity to which it is directed and may contain information that is privileged and/or confidential and/or part of an attorney work product. It is not to be transmitted to or received by anyone other than the named addressee (or a person authorized to deliver it to the named addressee). It is not to be copied or forwarded to any unauthorized persons. If you have received this electronic mail transmission in error, delete it from your system without copying or forwarding it and notify the sender of the error by replying via e-mail or by calling the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office at 504-822-2414 so that our address record can be corrected. Communications to and from this e-mail address may be subject to provisions of the State of Louisiana Public Records Act. Thank you.


DAs InvitationDAs Invitation 2DAs Application




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